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    • Stephanie Leonard
      Human Resources Manager at Scenic Rivers Health Services
      Cook, MN (Northeastern MN)

      2 years as HR Manager in Healthcare at Scenic Rivers Health Services
      4 years in Recruiting and 1 year Benefits at a Heavy Equipment Dealer

    • Alyssa Lowery
      HR Generalist at Gaston Family Health Services
      Gastonia, NC
      9 months in HR/Recruiting

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    • Kristin Hartwig, Director of Human Resources at Cross Road Health Ministries, Inc in Glennallen, Alaska.
      BS in HR from Millikin University (Go Big Blue!) in Decatur, Illinois.
      I have 17 years total in HR, but very little in recruiting and even less than that in healthcare in general.
      15 years of experience was in manufacturing in the Midwest, then my hubby convinced me to move to Alaska and I have worked with a Tribal organization and now with a faith-based healthcare organization in rural Alaska (but on the road system!).

    • Torrey Carroll, HR and Contract Manager at Oakland Integrated Healthcare Network in Pontiac, MI.
      I have been in HR a little over 10 years all within the healthcare field.
      I currently hold a BA in Human Resources and a Masters in Health Service.
      My recent accomplishment was passing the PHR!

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    • Rachny Pel
      HR Assistant at Southwest Community Health Center
      Bridgeport, CT
      I have only been working as HR Assistant for about 3 months.

    • Hello! I am Sarah Franklin, Chief Administrative Officer at Uncompahgre Medical Center(UMC). UMC is located in Norwood, CO. Norwood is a small rural town in southwestern Colorado.
      I have been working in HR with Uncompahgre Medical Center since 2016.

    • Hi My name is Jenny, I am the HR Generalist at West Side Community Health Services in Saint Paul, MN. I have been here for about 2 1/2 years

    • Annie Ma
      HR Manager at Charles B. Wang Community Health Center
      New York, New York
      8 years in healthcare HR (3 years in Recruitment, 3 years in Compensation and 2 years in HR Admin).

    • Maushma Atteeq
      HR Assistant/Coordinator at Neighborhood Health
      Alexandria, VA
      less than 1 year working in HR and at Neighborhood Health

    • Theodis Wright
      Human Resources Director
      Zachary, LA
      3 years in healthcare and HR

    • Katrina Hardison
      Human Resource Manager at Lee County Cooperative Clinic
      Marianna, AR
      6 years in HR and 7 months with Recruitment and Retention

    • Dania Jamileh, Human Resources Certificate Duke University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (spring 2019), Arizona State University

      Human Resources Credentialing/Training and Development Specialist at OIC, INC. – Healthcare – North Carolina
      3 months
      Human Resources Manager at Daliah Enterprises L.L.C. – Retail – North Carolina
      10 years
      The areas of Human Resources I worked in are Recruitment, Development, Training, Safety and Health, Employee Relations, Compensation and Retention.

      I recently applied at Penn State University for graduate school. I hope to begin a Masters of Human Resources and Employee Relations in the late Spring of 2019.

    • Hello my name is Nahja Marinnie I am a graduate from Virginia State University.
      I am currently a Human Resources Specialist at Capital Area Health Network a health care company.
      We are located in Richmond Virginia, where we have 7 locations.
      I have had a very unique start in HR and I was blessed to learn many different major areas of my field early on, I am coming up on 2 years in Human Resources.

    • Brittany Sears
      Marketing and Recruitment Manager
      Mainline Health Systems, Inc.
      16 clinics in Southeast Arkansas
      I have 6 years of management experience, 2 years in recruitment

    • Gloria Warner
      COO/HR Director
      20 + years in the Health Center movement. My first job in the CHC was provider recruitment. Needless to say things have changed over the years and I moved away from that job. However, new Health Center, new duties, including Recruitment!

    • Regina Caldwell
      I have been in human resources for 16 years and obtained my SPHR certification in 2011. The first 11 years were spent in the financial services industry, then I moved into the healthcare world. I currently serve as the Human Resources Manager for Southern Missouri Community Health Center in West Plains, MO. We are a steadily growing Federally Qualified Health Center and are continually recruiting for additional providers. I was not involved in provider recruitment until I took this position 5 months ago.

    • Lori Kelly
      Administrative Services Manager
      20+ years with community health center. I started out many years ago as switchboard operator/front desk and then to the billing dept and promoted to billing supervisor to office manager to practice manager and then in May I started my new role as Administrative Services Manager. I am responsible for recruitment and retention. When I first started with CVHS we only had 3 sites. We now have 17 sites throughout the state of VA.

    • Maria Rojas
      HR Recruitment Specialist for the Galveston County Health District
      4 years in Human Resources

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