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    • Hello!

      • Hi Amy! So glad you found your way to the discussion board! We look forward to talking to you on Thursday!

        • Thanks Suzanne, I enjoyed the presentation today.

      • Good morning Amy. Nice to meet you!

    • Good Day! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone shortly!
      I had to leave the presentation early due to an immediate need. I see that I’m behind a bit…so here goes!
      I’m also with MHC Healthcare in Marana AZ (outside Tucson). I’m the Training and Development Manager, for the Organizational Development department. As our 60+ year history has been culturally diverse, I’m looking for every opportunity to prepare our talented staff to best-serve our patients and each other. My vacation dream is to make it to a mountain village in Sicily…where my folks date back to 1710.

      • Hi Ben, Great to see you here! :)

        • Hi Ben. Nice to meet you!

          • Hi Lillie! I enjoyed your bio and your appreciation of history, arts and culture. My Youngest son is studying theater currently.

    • Hello! I’m Sheryl Fleming, HR Manager with Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton.
      My dream vacation is anywhere there’s a beach and the ocean.

    • Good afternoon.

      Lillie Farmer, from beautiful Lancaster, PA! A great place to be single, raise a family, and retire!!!!
      Organization: Lancaster Health Center – I am new to healthcare. I have been with the organization one year. Previously I worked in HR in manufacturing for 30 years. I am excited about the challenge to diversify our workforce.
      Vacation Destination: Paris, particularly a tour of the African American culture in Paris. African American Studies was my minor in my undergraduate studies and one of the things I learned was that because of racism, many African American entertainers left America and moved to Paris and built communities that were rich with arts, theater, and music. Ever since, I had a desire to see the museums, visit their homes, and hear more about the theater and music.

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      • Hi Lillie, Lancaster and Paris both sound amazing! Thanks for sharing

    • Hi All,

      Amy Guillory, MHC Healthcare, Director of Employee Experience (formerly Human Resources! :)

      MHC Healthcare has provided medical services to the under-served in the Greater Tucson area for over 60 years (We’re proud of our heritage!)

      My favorite vacation destination is a stay-cation right here in the Old Pueblo. There is a plethora of art museums, diverse restaurants, hiking trails, and over 100 miles of paved cycling paths on The Loop.

      Looking forward to incorporating the STAR2 program recommendations into our culturally-inclusive policies

    • Hello. Janelle Ashe, HR Consultant with Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center (RCCHC) in Ahoskie, NC. My dream vacation is always changing but right now it is to see the Northern Lights.

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