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    • Here’s the worksheet for your team discussion. You don’t have to use exactly all of these questions, but plan to come out of the meeting with some specific areas of focus. The more specific goals you can identify, the more useful this experience will be!

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    • I don’t have information for the webinar – how can I get it?

    • • 2019- Expand upon employee development program and principles to empower all levels of the organization
      o Continue learner programs such as:
       Rural Residency program – increase to 5-6 residents a year
      • Obtain additional housing options through AHEC and reimbursements
       NIMAA – 3 students apprentices September 2019- April 2020
      • Goal to hire full time all 3 into Clinic Assistant positions after certification obtained in by June 2020
       Partner with High School Students in Summit, Lake and Park for Externship site for Dental and Clinic Assistant Trainee programs
      • 1-3 students per year in both Medical and Dental
       Partner with CMC Students in Summit & Glen Wood campus for Internships for Clinic Assistant Trainee programs
      • 1-3 students per year in Medical
       NP Clinical Rotations
      • Host 3-6 NP Students annually
      • Enhance and continue relations/Affiliation Agreement Programs including
      • Regis
       Job Shadows
      • Host 3-6 Pre Med and High School Program shadows annually
       Behavioral Health Host at least:
      • 1 Post Doctoral Student per year
      • 1 Intern per year
      • 1 Pre Licensure Candidate per year
      • 1-3
      o Enhance and continue relations/Affiliation Agreement Programs including
       University of Denver
      o Utilize Applicant Tracking System in HCM to provide annual recruitment information to Management team and BOD on Data:
       Time to Hire
       Turnover
      • Exit Survey Data
      o Create Employee Value Proposition with CCHN Collaboration
       Coordinate with Committee at state level for detailed EVP by 12/31/19
      o Present Updated Employee Evaluation Review format options to Management Team by 10/31/19
       Evaluate alternatives to SCCC Employee Evaluation from EE Annual Opinion Survey by 7/31/19
      • Test NPS Survey Monkey by 8/31/19
      • Partner with EAG on 360 Degree evaluation process to follow supervisory performance tied to employee experience
       Test options by 11/30/19
      o Engage 2 Leadership Representatives to do PDSA on 2 options
      • Test Performance Managements options
      o Begin updated final evaluation by 12/31/19
       Review Performance Management Module in OnePointHCM by 7/31/19
      • Customize based upon finalized Evaluation metrics 12/31/19
      o Peer to Peer
       Evaluate & study impactful recognition programs
      • SHRM P&G study – own and drive culture
       Launch a new platform for all levels of recognition
      • Review systems such as Yammer and Sharepoint to impact sharing
      • Leverage
      o Daily appreciation
      o Above & Beyonds
      • Empower Peers to provide rewards
      o Purchase and stock merchandise

      • 2020- Analyze and perform compensation analysis and set objectives to reduce disparities
      • 2021- Implement wage compensation plan

    • Homework Assignment

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