2021 Workforce Summit – Day 1 – Telehealth & the Remote Environment

Telehealth and new remote work opportunities are changing the way in which health centers operate. In addition to remote-work legal considerations, having staff who no longer share physical space changes the workplace dynamic. Given the benefits of remote work for employees, many health centers will be adopting hybrid work environments. In this session, participants heard about legal considerations for remote work and strategies to support team cohesion when staff are no longer co-located around the clock.

  • Click here to access slides from the first part of this presentation by Molly Evans.
  • Click here to access the slides from the second part of this presentation by Kemi Alli.

Molly Evans, JD, Partner, Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP,
Kemi Alli, MD, CEO, Henry J. Austin Health Center

Brandon Jones, MHA, Director, Health Center Operations & HR Training, NACHC

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