SDOH Academy Learning Collaborative Session 1: Overview of the Issues

This learning collaborative is designed to help health center, PCA, and HCCN staff build workforce capacity through community health workers (CHWs) and LGBTQIA+ cultural competence to improve the health of vulnerable populations. As a result of this learning collaborative, participants will:

  1. Learn strategies to recruit, retain, train, and support CHWs as well as LGBTQIA+ competent clinical providers and healthcare staff;

  2. Understand the importance of LGBTQIA+ cultural competence in healthcare settings, and appreciate that this competence is part of productive workplace;

  3. Learn unique considerations for supporting and supervising CHWs serving as peers in their communities; and

  4. Learn how to cultivate buy-in for workplace improvement in the service of caring for sexual and gender minority patients across all tiers of healthcare administration including board, c-suite, front-desk staff, and clinicians.


  • Cei Lambert, National LGBT Health Education Center

  • Suzanne Speer, Association of Clinicians for the Underserved

  • Colleen Velez, Corporation for Supportive Housing


The first session of this learning collaborative will explore the specific health care needs of LGBTQIA+ patients, and outline the health care workforce needed to provide culturally competent care.


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