Recruit-OnBoard-Retain Webinar Part 2

This free webinar is open to all who are interested in learning more about how to RECRUIT- ON-BOARD- RETAIN quality candidates.  The webinar will be covering an Onboarding Plan and Recruitment Playbook that TACHC’s R&R team began working on with a consulting firm stemming from the results of the Recruitment, Onboarding, and retention survey conducted in March 2013. The webinar will cover best practices to enhance your recruitment, onboarding and retention processes along with customizable resource tools for the onboarding process. Registration is required but at no extra cost. If you registered for Part 1 you are automatically registered for Part 2.  Register before November 21st and receive a bound copy of the materials to be referenced during the webinar! For more information about this webinar please contact Danielle Ramos at 512-329-5959 or by email to


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