Designing Effective Benefits Packages to Attract and Recruit Providers

Please see follow this link to access the recording of this live event along with the slides and supporting documents referenced by presenters.

Attracting and successfully recruiting clinical providers is increasingly difficult in today’s competitive marketplace. Health centers need to offer competitive salary and benefits, but also need to understand how to package and sell the true opportunity available for clinicians. Competitive compensation is more than just a salary, and health centers have a lot to offer to potential providers; organizations just need to be able to sell that package effectively. Leaders at Wealth Solutions LLC understand this, and will provide some background and insight into the role of a benefits package in recruiting and a new tool they have developed to assist health centers in this process.

Presenters will provide a thorough overview of its new template employment package designed to attract and retain quality talent. Speakers will also discuss how to communicate the value of the benefits of this comprehensive employment package offered to select new hires, recruits and current select staff. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about this part of the recruitment process, download and use this free employment package template, and get more information about how to work with groups like Wealth Solutions LLC. Attendees will be able to access this free tool and are under no obligation to use the services referenced in this webinar.

Presenters: Keith Gillies, CFP, Managing Partner, Wealth Solutions LLC; Jennifer Gerarve, CFP, Vice President, Planning Division, Wealth Solutions LLC


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