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  • Do you have a slide deck that just contains the PowerPoint slides we are to use for our presentation for the Executive Summit in our respective workplaces? Thanks.

    Hi Allison, Will you be including the slides to this presentation? Thank you.

    Will the slides from today’s presentation be available?

    We discovered that the data is scattered throughout our system and still requires some manual labor to pull data from different reports for our turnover rates. We did develop an EXCEL spreadsheet to use until such time as we can create a SMARTLIST that will gather the information we need into one report. We’ve decided to measure tenure and time to fill also.

    I too have used many of the resources and templates from the Star2 center to create our basic R&R plan. Just last week I used it to demonstrate our efforts to our NHSC/Bureau of Health Workforce regional contact during a site visit. She was impressed with the tools provided by Star2.

    Jocelyn Bertsch from Beulah, North Dakota here. My dream is to visit Bora, Bora, Bali, and Tahiti.

    We schedule a day and a half.

    Great questions! Thanks for sharing.

    As I read the staff cost line items on Table 15, it asked for an hourly rate for each line item. Did you mean for us to use that rate and multiply it times the number hours of involvement per each staff member to get a truer staff cost per site visit? My total for staff costs just included hourly rates so I didn’t quite understand the significance of that on its own.

    We aren’t using any HR Metrics as I don’t have a recruitment budget.

    I have used Skype.

    Creating a guide of expectations for the interview process and site visit for all members of the recruitment team.

    Availability of the team members is sometimes a challenge.

    I am proud of creating an organized credentialing system for a previous FQHC employer. I shared this system with my current employer’s HR manager. She greatly impressed the OSV surveyor with the organization of her credentialing files on our recent site visit. The HR manager was so thrilled!

    We don’t have any real challenges hiring mid-level providers, but we are having a very difficult time finding physician replacements for our retirees.

    I am Jocelyn Bertsch, Director of Shared HR Services for Coal Country Community Health Center (FQHC), Sakakawea Medical Center (CAH), and Knife River Care Center (Long Term Care). I am the HR resource for the HR managers at these three organizations. I have many years of experience in healthcare in the clinical laboratory arena and currently have 17 years of healthcare HR experience. I started provider recruitment at another FQHC three years ago and continue to do it for the FQHC and CAH.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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