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    • Honestly we haven’t been using community members as part of our recruitment process. I tried using local realtors a couple years ago when we were hiring a CMO but they weren’t interested. Weird I know… I am eager to understand how other recruitment staff use community members and how it could work for us.

      • That is frustrating when you are offering them an opportunity and they turn it down. Perhaps try another realtor next time? I know in my community there are some realtors that specialize in clients that are relocating. School Board members, teachers, business owners, etc., could also be involved in the recruitment process. Perhaps start with folks that you know that could be an asset to the recruitment process and go from there. It may take some time and tweaking to get your team just right!

    • We have various events that include the community. We work diligently with the police, AARP, different sororities, etc. We even have a community garden that is open to the public.

      • Community Gardens are terrific! They really are a great way to bring folks together. I also like that you involve other members of the community as well. Not only can they be an asset to your programs, but can be great recruiters for you too!

    • Our involvement with the community is through offering volunteering opportunities. We also have partnerships with few schools and organizations for long-term internship opportunities.

      • Offering volunteer opportunities is a wonderful way to stay connected with your community. Even though they wouldn’t be involved in your interview process per se, they could be an asset to you as they could help you recruit “indirectly” by letting their friends know about open positions you have there….in fact, they could one day be an employee too!

    • We have IPAC Coordinator who works closely with medical students doing their rotation. We also have Community Outreach members who work with the community and set up event such as Family Health Fair and Health Fair where we give free health screenings, lunch, backpacks, and information about health services. We also work with AmeriCorps as well.

    • Hi All – It is great to get get school administration, realtors, and other chamber members involved. It really helps if they understand their role and are informed – then they are more willing to participate. If you have any information that you use for marketing or a annual report you can send to them prior then they feel like they know something about what you do. Even a phone call with them to let them know what all the services are and how you impact the community will make them feel more part of the process.

    • We have a great relationship with a local realtor who works with candidates that we bring in. She is very good about not only showing them options for buying or renting, but shows them the community and gives them information on schools. We have a very good relationship with our Office of Primary Care, the State Office of Rural Health and our Primary Care Association.

    • We work with community members by maintaining relationships with area schools. We offer clinical rotations for students with local ties and participate in local recruiting or speaking events.
      We attend events hosted by the state or regional healthcare associations and/or state workforce center. These groups are interested in helping us find solutions to our healthcare recruitment difficulties.
      We coordinate personalized tours of the area in order to attract candidates with the amenities and recreational opportunities available. Our partners could include resort owners, administrative staff, high schools and churches as well.

    • In reading comments by others, I would say that we don’t really use community members in our recruiting efforts directly. We do make sure that candidates get meetings with the school if they have site visits and school age kids. If/when we have a site visit for our open provider position, I’ll ask the Clinic Manager to coordinate a meeting with a realtor. One of our locations has on-campus housing that our providers rent.

      We often have a PA student at one of our sites (I believe we have one student per semester). We bring in Nursing Students multiple times each year. Our organization relies heavily upon volunteers. Our Board is probably the most active with engaging in the community and many of them sit on other Boards in the communities. And our Mission Committee helps with various community events throughout the year. I have always considered these to be community outreach, looking to bring in more patients and share the love of our Lord Jesus Christ with our neighbors; I never thought about these outreach events as potentially a part of our recruitment plan.

    • Hi everyone!

      My role at OIC, INC. is the Human Resources Credentialing/Development and Training Specialist. I am involved in recruiting providers and I work on the back end to credential them once they come aboard. I love all aspects of this role and I have found that my job responsibilities are growing rapidly which I always enjoy!

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