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    • Some reflection questions for you as you review the metrics and think about how they might change your work:
      1. Which data point would you consider providing to managers on a regular basis?
      2. How can examining some of these data points together help you plan for the financial impact of workforce?

    • Y’all can use this thread to share names of any Human Capital, HR, payroll, etc. systems that you use. Find your report-running buddies to troubleshoot and discuss!

    • Currently we use Paychex but after shopping around we will be switching to GNSA as they have more for less and custom reports available.

    • Valley Family uses Paylocity for applicant tracking, onboarding, payroll and HR. There are a ton of created report templates and management users can create custom reports as well.

    • Hi,
      I missed our last session due to a conference and finally am having a chance to catch up! I figure a little is better than never. We currently use Ultipro for our payroll and HRIS system. An all in one system would be awesome, but they eventually become to large and require a lot of patchwork, not to mention an IT DB person solely dedicated to that part of the brain. So we use iCIMS for recruitment which supports our Time to Fill report and warehouses all of candidate information. iCIMS feeds into our HRIS (Ultipro) which tracks our Absence, FMLA, Tenure and Terminations. All of which I find to be really great reports. :)

    • The Municipality uses Abila. It is primarily payroll (also leave annual and sick), though it does show some other data start and termination dates

    • River Valley uses ASAP. Compared to Ultipro, I have not been as impressed with the system. It is a bit outdated.

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