I have a conflict and will not be able to attend mtg today. However, I conducted a Stay Interview and wanted to provide my feedback:

First, it went very well. I explained the process and why using this type of interview. Emp very open and appreciative.
Went thru the 5 questions – it also let to some very rich discussion. I did learn of a previous situation with another coworker that had not been shared before! She gave me a commitment level on the scale of 1 to 10 for staying – a 10! States she is dedicated; never felt would lose her job here; it’s not so much about $ but about the flexibility and support she receives. The last question on making this a better experience really provided some good info and recommendations that we could put to use in enhancing our orientation for new employees. I will take her ideas to our team! All in all it was productive, felt comfortable and I could see she appreciated the conversation.

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