• 2019- Expand upon employee development program and principles to empower all levels of the organization
o Continue learner programs such as:
 Rural Residency program – increase to 5-6 residents a year
• Obtain additional housing options through AHEC and reimbursements
 NIMAA – 3 students apprentices September 2019- April 2020
• Goal to hire full time all 3 into Clinic Assistant positions after certification obtained in by June 2020
 Partner with High School Students in Summit, Lake and Park for Externship site for Dental and Clinic Assistant Trainee programs
• 1-3 students per year in both Medical and Dental
 Partner with CMC Students in Summit & Glen Wood campus for Internships for Clinic Assistant Trainee programs
• 1-3 students per year in Medical
 NP Clinical Rotations
• Host 3-6 NP Students annually
• Enhance and continue relations/Affiliation Agreement Programs including
• Regis
 Job Shadows
• Host 3-6 Pre Med and High School Program shadows annually
 Behavioral Health Host at least:
• 1 Post Doctoral Student per year
• 1 Intern per year
• 1 Pre Licensure Candidate per year
• 1-3
o Enhance and continue relations/Affiliation Agreement Programs including
 University of Denver
o Utilize Applicant Tracking System in HCM to provide annual recruitment information to Management team and BOD on Data:
 Time to Hire
 Turnover
• Exit Survey Data
o Create Employee Value Proposition with CCHN Collaboration
 Coordinate with Committee at state level for detailed EVP by 12/31/19
o Present Updated Employee Evaluation Review format options to Management Team by 10/31/19
 Evaluate alternatives to SCCC Employee Evaluation from EE Annual Opinion Survey by 7/31/19
• Test NPS Survey Monkey by 8/31/19
• Partner with EAG on 360 Degree evaluation process to follow supervisory performance tied to employee experience
 Test options by 11/30/19
o Engage 2 Leadership Representatives to do PDSA on 2 options
• Test Performance Managements options
o Begin updated final evaluation by 12/31/19
 Review Performance Management Module in OnePointHCM by 7/31/19
• Customize based upon finalized Evaluation metrics 12/31/19
o Peer to Peer
 Evaluate & study impactful recognition programs
• SHRM P&G study – own and drive culture
 Launch a new platform for all levels of recognition
• Review systems such as Yammer and Sharepoint to impact sharing
• Leverage
o Daily appreciation
o Above & Beyonds
• Empower Peers to provide rewards
o Purchase and stock merchandise

• 2020- Analyze and perform compensation analysis and set objectives to reduce disparities
• 2021- Implement wage compensation plan

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