In reading comments by others, I would say that we don’t really use community members in our recruiting efforts directly. We do make sure that candidates get meetings with the school if they have site visits and school age kids. If/when we have a site visit for our open provider position, I’ll ask the Clinic Manager to coordinate a meeting with a realtor. One of our locations has on-campus housing that our providers rent.

We often have a PA student at one of our sites (I believe we have one student per semester). We bring in Nursing Students multiple times each year. Our organization relies heavily upon volunteers. Our Board is probably the most active with engaging in the community and many of them sit on other Boards in the communities. And our Mission Committee helps with various community events throughout the year. I have always considered these to be community outreach, looking to bring in more patients and share the love of our Lord Jesus Christ with our neighbors; I never thought about these outreach events as potentially a part of our recruitment plan.

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