Welcome everyone to Recruitment Boot Camp: 4.0. It was great to meet everyone at today’s session. Here you will find the recordings, ppts, homework, and other resources. Feel free to ask questions. Our hope is to build engagement in the Discussion Board, but we also understand how busy everyone is so it is ok if you prefer to use it as a repository for our materials. This is your learning collaborative! So use it as you best prefer.

Also, feel free to introduce yourself on here as well. A little background on me. I’ve been with ACU now for almost two years (two years in May…yay!). I have worked with health centers for about six years. I have my Master and Doctorate in the field of social work and before social work I studied communications and media with a focus in documentary filmmaking. Prior to working with health centers, I used to work with sexual assault survivors both civilian and military and still do volunteer work in this area.

Happy to answer any questions you may have and you have a great team at the STAR2 Center here to back you up and support you on your recruitment process!

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