For the last two years we have scheduled an All Staff training every other month. We schedule five or six sessions and divide the staff up over each session. The topics are varied, but everyone is expected to attend (including our childcare staff). Some topics check the box for annual training requirements (HIPAA), some topics are by staff request (compassion fatigue). We also use one month to let our staff share their ideas on updates we should make to our strategic plan. Even if the topics are less relevent for one department, we feel like it is very important that all staff have the same opportunites and shared learning opportunities. It also gives staff a couple of hours to get to spend time with their co-workers in a less stressful environment and interact with staff members that they may not ever have the opportunity to do so. This is a big investment in our team: wages for our staff during the training session and trainers when we use an outside trainer and it has been hugely valuable.

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