For the second question, the biggest challenges for La Clinica around this area is entering/coding the SDoH work that we’re doing in a manner that is reportable as part of claims work. We have built templates and databases to hold SDoH information but these spaces are not necessarily where claims information gets pulled from. We can create separate reports that track this information and send those to our health plan partners but that is time and staff intensive, especially as we work out kinks in the reports as we pilot and create them.

Tied to staff training, we are working on how to educate staff on how to use enabling codes to track the SDoH work that we are already conducting. A challenge for us will be how to track and report if patients are being referred for SDoH services and where that will be tracked. If this data is going to be tracked in our EHR system, then we will need to expand access to our EHR system to SDoH staff that has historically not had access to our EHR.

The best staff to address these issues is going to be our existing SDoH Committee and key stakeholders from billing and clinical operations that can work to modify existing workflows to best address these issues. The committee space will be the best space to work out potential conflicts and trouble shoot workflows.

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