1) What is your organization currently doing, planning to do, or needing, to train staff on Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) data?
(Examples include educating staff on the importance of the social determinants, how it aligns with Patient-Centered Medical Home efforts, how to collect those determinants using the specific EHR system, and how to connect patients to available resources to meet the needs identified.)

We have several different outlets for staff and patients at our clinic. We have Eligibility Specialist and Patient Advocates we also offer same day apt with all providers and Behavioral Health. We are using PRAPARE and staff is train to pick up on needs expressed.
I do feel out city and state could help more with providing more transportation choices at a cheaper rate and shelter for those waiting on transportation. We have a program for discounted Medical care that covers Physical Therapy, Behavioral Health, Pediatrics and Adult Medical, also Health Education programs.

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