STAR² Center Individual Recruitment & Retention Data Profiles

The STAR² Center team released updated individual health center Data Profile Dashboards for the 2019-2020 project year during the week of June 29, 2020. Information on how to access this resource through our website was emailed to each health center CEO. If you have not received your account information or have any questions about how to log in through our site to the Tableau Dashboard interface, please contact Mariah Blake

Please note that this year’s update includes an additional “StateSummary” tab containing a State Aggregate Report and is accessible only to state Primary Care Association staff who have completed a Data Use Agreement (more information below) in order to access this infromation.

This Information Center will continue to grow to include a variety of supporting documents and training opportunities to help workforce teams break down their health center’s data and plan to reach their recruitment and retention goals.

PCA teams will have the opportunity to access Data Profile Dashboards and newly re-instated State Aggregate Reports from health centers in their state. Please send completed individual Data Use Agreements (included below) for your CEO and each member of your team who may have access to the confidential Data Profiles to Mariah Blake. Please note that you will need to complete a Data Use Agreement for the June 2020 Data Profile release even if you have submitted one fore previous versions of this resource.

Previous Data Profile Releases: Prior to the June 2019 release of the Data Profie Dashboards, this resource was shared with health center executives as a static PDF resource. If you have any questions about previous versions of your health center or state’s Data Profiles, please contact the STAR² Center team and we’ll be happy to provide technical assitance and connect you with supporting resources.

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