Webinar – The Power of Stay Interviews

View a recording and access slides from this presentation here.

Employee turnover is reaching all-time highs across the U.S., and Gallup tells us employee engagement is stuck, not moving for 15 years. The number one reason employees stay or leave, or engage or disengage, is whether they trust their direct supervisor, which is why Stay Interviews are the absolute best solution.

Stay Interviews offer retention and engagement solutions because managers conduct them one-on-one, build individualized action plans, and then forecast how long each employee will stay. One other way to think of Stay Interviews is that they provide solutions, whereas engagement surveys and exit surveys provide data…and only data.

This session will include specific questions and tools, case studies of Stay Interview successes, and an accompanying method for forecasting future turnover. This session is based on the presenter’s book, The Power of Stay Interviews for Engagement and Retention, which is Society for Human Resource Management’s top-selling book. Participants will leave with all required information to implement Stay Interviews in their organizations.

3 learning objectives include:

  • Learn specific Stay Interview tools including questions to ask, data to record, and potential solutions.
  • Learn the four required skills leaders must learn to make their Stay Interviews successful.
  • Develop a tool to forecast employee turnover based on Stay Interview results.

Dick Finnegan is CEO of C-Suite Analytics and also the author of four top-selling books including The Power of Stay Interviews which is the top-selling Society for Human Resource Management-published book in history.


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