Recruiting with Health Center Career Fairs

Slides and a recording of this presentation can be found here.

Interested in career fairs and how they might help you recruit? Curious about how your state might create its own career fair for health centers? Join us for this webinar to hear about the experience of one PCA and how you might develop a similar event in your state. For several years, the Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center has conducted career fairs to help FQHCs and other primary care employers meet prospective candidates. The Career Center has tried various ways to attract more attendees and increase the success of the career fairs. Some of the tactics have worked and some haven’t. The webinar will discuss the pros and cons of conducting your own career fairs, lessons learned through experience and experimentation, and steps to take to get your career fair off the ground. 

Presenter: Judd Mellinger-Blouch, Director, Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center


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