NWRPCA – Spring Renewal Retreat for Healthcare Providers

With occupational stresses increasing due to changes in practice, regulation and clerical burdens, provider burnout is at record and increasing numbers. Although many wellness conferences address the topic in didactic form, few actually teach clinicians skills and practices that have been shown to mitigate burnout and to enhance empathy and connection.
During this retreat, these skills will be taught and there will be ample opportunity to practice them in the serene setting of Sleeping Lady. We will focus on mindfulness, movement, and reflective practices, all of which have evidence supporting their use.
This program is designed to allow physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers or providers in training to experience evidence-based strategies to bolster resiliency. This conference will involve extensive personal participation employing small group strategies, mindfulness and narrative medicine. All individuals providing healthcare are encouraged to attend.

Standard training fee: $1700
NWRPCA Member, UW Employee, or Western Clinicians Network (WCN) Member training fee: $1500


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