NCCHCA Webinar Series: Self-Care for Health Workers

Outreach workers provide crucial services where individuals live, work, and spend time. They often take on many roles, which can leave them susceptible to burnout due to long work hours, prioritizing others’ needs over their own, and being a witness to the challenges and traumas that their communities experience. For health centers, it is important to promote and implement self-care practices within the workplace in order to recruit and retain staff, as well as foster a healthy and supportive work environment. This two-part series will provide an overview of self-care, including the various types of strategies that can be effective at the individual and organizational level.

Part One: Self-Care for Health Workers
In part one of two, Health Outreach Partners will provide an overview of self-care and its importance for health workers. Specifically, presenters will discuss the benefits of practicing self-care for outreach workers and will present self-care strategies they have found to be effective. Attendees will also learn how to develop a customized self-care plan.

Learning Objectives:
• Participants will understand and be able to define the concept of self-care;
• Participants will learn how burnout and compassion fatigue can influence health workers’ effectiveness; and
• Participants will identify at least 3 strategies to practice self-care in their own work and will create a self-care pledge.


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