Driving Value in Health Care: The Role of the Nursing Workforce

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET

“As the health care system evolves towards one that rewards value, it is important to understand the concept of value in health care and how health care providers can increase value. Nurses are the key contact for patients in all settings of care. They also account for a large portion of the labor costs in many health care settings and have a direct link to value through both outcomes and cost. Therefore, nurses have a paramount role in redesigning health care to enhance its overall value. This webinar outlines the definition of value in health care and reviews the evidence on how nurses can and have improved value. We highlight and summarize evidence related to increasing value, including interventions that improve quality and show promise for increasing value.

This is the first event in our fall series focusing in on the workforce impact and implications of transitioning from a fee for service to a value based healthcare model.”


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