ACU Virtual Conference: Chief Workforce Officers – Who, What, When and WHY?

An organization’s workforce is at the core of its ability to achieve its goals, yet this area frequently does not receive focused investment in the C-suite. The duties of developing and maintaining a thriving staff are often scattered amongst the entire leadership team, with varying levels of responsibility living in the general Human Resources (HR) department. If your organization struggles with workforce recruitment and retention and lacks a cohesive workforce plan, a Chief Workforce Officer (CWO) could be the answer.

In this session, staff from NACHC and the Association of Clinicians for the Underserved (ACU) STAR² Center will share resources from a new CWO Toolkit and answer questions about who the CWO is, what their role is at a health center, when you should incorporate them into your organization, and why this matters. Participants will focus on strategies for incorporating this role into their health centers and how this investment in their organization benefits their patients and staff.

• Michelle Fernandez, Senior Training Specialist, Association of Clinicians for the Underserved
• Gerrard Jolly, Director, Career Advancement Strategies, National Association of Community Health Centers
• Scott Owen, Chief Workforce Officer, Mountain Family Health Centers
• Rosa Agosto, Chief Talent & Learning Officer, Urban Health Plan
• Kathy Brieger, Chief, Workforce Development, HRHCare

Please note that this session is free and open to all regardless of conference registration. Please click the link to “join now” on the day of the event.

Session password: bA8kCtq7ZV9


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