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  • Currently, we have no existing policies to implement cultural humility. We are aware that policies and procedures are needed in order for our organization to thrive and to increase access to our patients. We conducted assessments with our leadership staff to establish a baseline of where we are, what issues or personal biases are surfacing, how we view our patients, how our patients and employees view us.

    Now we are in the phase of developing leadership through training and various exercises to help them become more aware and to initiate ways that will help our employees and patients see the value of diversity.

    Good morning Amy. Nice to meet you!

    Hi Ben. Nice to meet you!

    Good afternoon.

    Lillie Farmer, from beautiful Lancaster, PA! A great place to be single, raise a family, and retire!!!!
    Organization: Lancaster Health Center – I am new to healthcare. I have been with the organization one year. Previously I worked in HR in manufacturing for 30 years. I am excited about the challenge to diversify our workforce.
    Vacation Destination: Paris, particularly a tour of the African American culture in Paris. African American Studies was my minor in my undergraduate studies and one of the things I learned was that because of racism, many African American entertainers left America and moved to Paris and built communities that were rich with arts, theater, and music. Ever since, I had a desire to see the museums, visit their homes, and hear more about the theater and music.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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