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  • Wow, what fantastic responses!

    I am glad to see you using all forms of communication that is available to you. You may want to ask the candidate what is the best way to communicate with them. This especially works for providers who aren’t able to speak on the phone usually during clinic hours. They may prefer email or text for informational purposes.

    HI Everyone –
    Thank you for all the replies.

    You are all doing a great job, within 48 is good and within 24 hours is even better! Anytime you have a prospective candidate reaching out, be as prompt as possible to connect with them.

    If any of you are beyond 48 hours, please look for ways to cut this time back to less than 48 hours. It is so important to connect when the “iron is hot” so to speak and waiting longer you risk them not even remembering they contacted you, because you are probably not the only place they tried to connect with.

    It sounds like you all have questions in place. For more Behavioral based questions, it may help to google the S.T.A..R method and behavioral based interview questions. I would only implement a few as they do take a while to ask and answer.

    This is a great question!

    Wow, there are a lot of great questions here. Please take a look at what questions you currently use and see if you can implement any of the above.

    Hi Maria – Thank you so much for submitting this! I noticed the your HC doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile…..this may be something that you propose happen as there are many professionals that use LinkedIn for information and job seeking.

    Hi Everyone – If you have integrated behavioral health into your health center or have integrated care teams, we would love to hear your best practices on getting the team to function as an integrated unit.


    Hi Everyone – Having a fully integrated team has shown to increase satisfaction. Would love to here how working in a integrated model has helped your retention rate of staff.


    Hi Annie – Work/Life balance are very important to providers as demands for their time never seem to cease. One thing to look at is if your internal policies really support work/life balance. Often times we find that our internal policies and our desire for a culture of work/life balance truly conflict and we are organizationally sending two different messages to our employees. I would start with a review of the policies and go from there.


    Hi Everybody –

    Please be sure to share your ads and tables. We are glad to review, give feedback and ideas. Also, if you would like to give feedback to others, please do so as this is a place to share and learn. I will be reviewing them all week so be sure to post. Or if you have any questions, be sure to contact one of us.


    Hi Sarah –

    Thank you so much for sharing your ad. It is good to hear your HC FB page has gotten good results. My suggestion would be to highlight the benefits of the area with in your first sentence. People dream of living in an area like yours and highlighting that right away would be good. Something like, have you ever dreamed of living the Colorado mountains with stunning views and unlimited outdoor activities? Additionally, you mention mid-level provider and that term has been replaced with just the word provider, so I would suggest that be changed. Also, make sure to post on the CHAMPS recruitment website too….or any other website you can think of on the Western slope too. Thank you for sharing. Ann

    Hi Katrina –

    Thank you for sharing your advertisement and homework for the week. My suggestions for the ad would be to start off with the benefits of working in the area of Marianna, AR or at your CHC. That would make the ad more appealing to read or “catch” the attention of someone looking for a position. Additionally, on LinkedIn you rated it a 2, but remember to always have your current providers share on LinkedIn as they are the ones that have provider connections on that platform. I did review you website but didn’t see any provider openings currently, do you have any current openings? Again, thank you for posting! Ann

    Theodis –

    LinkedIn is a great place to start. Be sure to have your current provider share the post on their LinkedIn profile as they know more providers than probably anyone else in the organization. Also, word of mouth is a powerful way to recruit too. If you don’t already, you may want to consider a bonus for those internal professionals that refer someone to organization. You may also want to look for groups on FB that you can post opportunities in.

    Katrina – Yes, HR Metrics will help in any size organization. Pick one or two to focus on for 2019.

    Annie – HR Metrics can really tell a story of your workforce. Yes, I would encourage you to start off 2019 collecting them. Pick just one or two to start with.

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