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    • I find little gems that when I ask “Did you have another career goal before your pursuit of being a medical provider? Why did you change to this goal?”

    • If we all came with a warning tag and you had to wear one- what would yours say and why? This one usually throws them. I also like describe a job that would be a nightmare for you?

    • If I were to contact your Medical Assistant at your last organization, what would she/he tell me about what it is like to work with you? (Can you provide me with that person’s name and contact information….)

    • Great questions! Thanks for sharing.

    • In a screening interview, I like to ask them why they want to work at a FQHC. I find that I can gauge how much they actually know about FQHCs with this, and whether or not they have done any research on us prior to the interview.

    • Great questions above! This is my standard go to: Tell us something that is not listed on your resume and applicant materials.

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