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    • The question I get the most information from is, “Give me a little background on what you’ve done and what you’re doing now.”
      Another one of my favorite questions is, “Why do you feel this position is right for you?”

      • Those are great, Stephanie! I especially like the second one. Thanks for sharing.

    • My two favorite questions are, “What are your plans for the next 5 years?” and, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

    • Why are you interested in this position? / What are your long-term goals related to this employment opportunity?

    • I like the question below because it lets me know how familiar the candidate is with the organization.

      Just like I am asking you a lot of questions today, you are interviewing us as well. It is important to us that you feel like the District is the right fit. On that note, what kinds of questions do you have for me?

    • My favorite is interview question is “What motivates you?” I like this question because we have been trying to build a team at UMC that are there for the right reasons. We want to support or community and have a work family. This question helps us understand if they are a fit or not.

    • Wow, there are a lot of great questions here. Please take a look at what questions you currently use and see if you can implement any of the above.

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