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    • Having staff participate together in non-work activities: potlucks, service projects, birthday celebrations. Is it weird that doing non-work things makes us work better together? :)

      • we’ve encouraged individual centers to plan center led luncheons/pot lucks and they have them quarterly. Our corporation recognizes the “day or week” celebrations for nurses, lab techs, secreatary day etc. monthly, the HR group passes out anniversary card, tshirt, letter from CEO and chocolate for each employee celebrating work anniversary. this helps build loyalty…

    • Efforts around a trauma informed workplace.

      • Chris, can you expand on this statement and what you all are doing in this area? thanks

    • Whenever things change or new things are brought into the current workflow I ask the employees their opinion on how they think things will work best. I take everything they say into account before I implement it so everybody feels like they have been heard.

    • One of our strategic goals is centered around Team Building. This goal team has worked to improve engagement and morale across the organization. They came up with a list of different activities that they felt like would help our team. Some of the ideas were to have secret pals, potlucks during the work day, potlucks outside of work hours, movement challenges, Cash for Caring, Rose Awards, and Employee of the Month.

      • what I’ve done personally when I started 1 year ago was to spend time with each center personnel to beter understand what they do. I also attend all the center staff meetings and their provider, nursing and business breakout sessions.

    • We started doing team building events that includes all 4 sites. Plus we have a high five board at all locations for each employee to have an opportunity to give kudos to someone that went above and beyond.

    • Going to the people that do the work for their opinion and constructive criticism/feedback has been very helpful. It creates “buy-in” and ownership along with goals, instilling productivity, hopefully with an end result of positive and productive change or process improvement.

    • Change is always hard in any size organization so being the new kid on the block, i took my 90 days to really observe, spend time in each center and shadowing all levels of staff to best understand their work flow and gather some information from the employees. I was able to gather trends of concerns and gather a needs assessment to assist me in making some changes. The organization also recognizes employee of the month, “who made your day” from patients and promoting “pat on the back” comments to be submitted via performance management tool on individual employees.

    • Implementing monthly one-on-one meetings with each staff member. The meeting agenda is determined by the staff and can be formal or informal. It is a chance for employees to be heard and highlight any successes or challenges they’re having, and ask for any help they need from their supervisor. Having an open-door policy is great, but there’s something about also setting aside dedicated time each month for each employee that is appreciated.

    • Weekly meetings with time for open discussion as well as the agenda. Also open door policy where employees can freely email, use interoffice memos, or schedule face to face meetings with the supervisor for suggestions and discussions. An anonymous suggestion box is also available

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