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    • I mentioned in yesterday’s webinar something I have had heard recently was that health centers were struggling with finding questions that would determine whether or not someone was “really” in it for the mission. Have you all found this to be difficult? Have you found any great questions that can assist with determining this?

    • What attributes do you bring to make our company number one?

      • This is a great question!

    • I also find this difficult. Below is a question that seems to help.

      o What would be the first thing you would want to accomplish in the role?

    • I think we have found a good set of interview questions to find the right fit for our organization. We also have a good interview team that are good judges to an applicants character and motive.

    • It sounds like you all have questions in place. For more Behavioral based questions, it may help to google the S.T.A..R method and behavioral based interview questions. I would only implement a few as they do take a while to ask and answer.

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