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    • I think my biggest challenge in pulling our recruitment team together is time. Time to meet to discuss the position and time that works for everyone to be part of the interview process.

      • Sarah – so true! Time always seems to be elusive. Keep working to get on their schedule as it will be an asset to the process in the long run. Also, once you establish the process to include those folks, they will come to expect it when you have an opening.

    • The challenges I anticipate in pulling our recruitment team together is usually timing. Everyone involved has different time schedules either related to patient care, other meetings or assignments.

    • I am with Sarah & Katrina that TIME is the major challenge. Keeping the candidate warm after being interviewed is an art as good candidates are off the market and taken by competitors very quickly.

      • So true about time! I wish we could all have a time machine! :) I love your comment about keeping a candidate “warm” after being interviewed…SO true!

    • Yes, I agree with everyone. I find it hard to pull recruitment team together.

    • Hi Everyone – Well there seems to be a consistent theme here :) Time is a issue in all Health Centers. Pulling the team together is hard, but essential for success. Has anyone tried an online meeting to pull the team together? Or does anyone have suggestions on what has worked well for them?

      • I feel strongly to Suzanne’s remark of “establish(ing) the process to include those folks, they will come to expect it when you have an opening”. Sometimes HR is so busy that it forgets about the responsibility to pull resources together and establish relationships with all stakeholders. Establish the process can assist stakeholders in knowing where the hiring process is up to.

    • It’s always that TIME thing!!!

    • Our challenge is coordinating schedules for interviews and meet and greets between our providers (who are involved in the interviewing process), administration, and the candidates. The candidates schedule may be limited based on their current employment schedule, or their location if they are not local.

    • Yes, schedules are a conflict.

    • We are so small that everyone is used to helping out. So far I haven’t had a hard time getting anyone to participate in the process because everyone is just so anxious/excited to get another provider up here.
      So far time hasn’t been an issue, but possibly b/c I’m not asking for meetings other than interviews???
      I know that our CMO has her Administrative Day on Wednesdays, so that’s the day I schedule phone interviews. I know the site that has the opening keeps Thursday afternoons free for walk-ins, so I schedule Skype interviews on Thursday afternoon. If/when we get someone up for a site visit, I’ll task the Clinic Manager to schedule a dinner for the candidate/spouse with the provider/spouse.

    • Hi everyone! Sorry I am late with this assignment – our server went out last week and we had issues getting on the internet.
      With that being said, I think the biggest challenges are knowing where everyone is and defining a standard process that is followed consistently. Defining the roles and polishing the procedures would help maintain consistency and right now I feel like things slip through the cracks because the structure isn’t solid.

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