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    • Availability of the team members is sometimes a challenge.

      • I think this sentiment will be shared by many! Scheduling so many parties can definitely be a challenge!

    • We have an interview team pretty well placed- the only changes are if they are medical or dental or the various location clinic managers. The part of the team we are missing is the community member- scheduling has been not too bad, but at times is a challenge.

    • One of the challenges (although there are a number of them) will be to get an actual team involved in the interview process. In the past only the CMO has interviewed any provider candidates and their may be some resistance initially to implementing what can be perceived as a more cumbersome process.

    • One of my biggest challenges is to get a time that works for all members.

    • My biggest challenge is getting a time. Our CMO is also a provider and will only interview on Mondays and Fridays. The rest of the team is fairly flexible, but it can cumbersome explaining to candidates why we only interview on Mondays and Fridays.

    • In our CHC the CMO is responsible for the pre-interview phone calls and I think we have a fairly well put together team for the site visit. I also make sure to engage our current provider staff with the candidate especially those with same specialties. Where we lack is in the Clinical Support Staff, Community Member, and Provider Team Spouse. Some of the recruitment team may have a difference of opinion on whether or not to engage these types of members. That’s probably our biggest challenge overall – getting the core recruitment to agree.

    • My biggest challenge is the vast locations and distance between our facilities (30+ facilities over 10,000 square miles).

    • Our greatest challenge is coordinating schedules and finding time to schedule interviews.

    • Availability, Availability, Availability

    • Because we are so small our team involves all of Admin. Is that good? Sometimes. The challenge is getting people to set aside their own wants and think of the good of the organization.

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