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    • For Week 4 and to close out our workforce learning collaborative, please respond to the prompt below by: Tuesday, March 5th at 11:59 pm ET.

      “Lack of time resources can often feel like the biggest obstacle in developing the managers and the culture at your organization. How could you incorporate discussion about these issues into your existing meetings and trainings for managers and staff?”

      Please note: the discussion board will be open for 4 more weeks! In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, we’ll be looking that you answer all 4 weeks worth of reflection questions. This is a great opportunity to share your thoughts and share updates or best practices with your peers.

    • We have two specific training programs for new managers and new hires. In both areas there is potential to add information to educate staff about existing SDoH activities and future goals so everyone is aware and moving towards these agency goals.

      We are also working to update our agency website. As that project moves forward with identifying what information should be on the website and publicly available and to whom that information should be geared towards, we have the opportunity to use this space to educate prospective staff and patients about our SDoH work.

    • Time is always an issue, especially being in a smaller office where many staff members wear a variety of hats. I think this could be incorporated in our scheduled bi-weekly meetings. If we could set aside even a small window of time at each meeting to assess the current feel of the culture and brainstorm ideas to improve it, I think with time, a lot could be accomplished. I think working additional training into our on boarding process for new hires and with established staff could be beneficial, if not overly cumbersome. I think in training sometime you have to get back to the basics of what kind our culture your organization wants to cultivate and build from there.

    • Currently, we have a monthly meeting with all our managers at BMS, one thing that could be added is a standing agenda item that discusses staff training and resources. I am not sure if it is realistic to do a meeting that only discusses this but I think it should definitely be prioritize.

    • I feel time is very difficult to come by, but to build a solid program you have to make the time for training and team building. Team building is essential to a great program in any program. I feel meeting and trainings are always needed.

    • We see training as an investment in our staff and the overall clinic. We close our clinic doors once a month for half a day to hold our monthly staff meetings. We first break up into teams (based on roles) for a couple of hours and then regroup for the last couple of hours. We try to focus on one to two key topics each month.
      In addition to online workforce training that our new/existing staff complete on an annual basis, we also do a two-day staff retreat every year. During these “retreats”, we spend at least half a day doing team-building/team-bonding activities.
      Staff training and continuing education opportunities are also reported to the CQI committee on a monthly basis.

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