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    • Here’s the homework assignment for week 2! You heard Suzanne mention that social media and connecting with folks who are already connected to the health center has been a big part of their recruitment strategy. Download the word doc for more information about how you can make a social media plan for your own recruitment. When you’re done working through it with your team, you can post it back here to share with your peers and ask for further ideas.

    • Please find attached BMS’ HW response for this week!

    • I have attached the work sheet with the Y/N section completed. Our management team will be meeting later to discuss additional ways to use these resources.

    • We utilize an outside marketing firm to do most of our website updates and social media postings!

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    • We also utilize an outside marketing firm for social media.

    • Here is Charter Oak Health Center’s homework assignment. We utilize social media in our health center to reach out to the community!

    • HW assignment for week 2 attached.

    • Here is TAPM’s homework assignment. We use SOME forms of social media, but definitely not all. Seeing opportunities to expand!

    • Hi There,

      Please see attached for FPCN’s homework assignment.


    • Attached is La Clinica de La Raza’s HW worksheet. We’ve started an agency-wide project to update our public website that is touching many of these questions. This project can act as a means to facilitate side conversations to address how we can better utilize social media tools for the agency for both patient and staff recruitment and donations.

      Thanks for these helpful guidelines.

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