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    • What is one thing you can do in the short term to communicate the benefits package they currently have?

      • I would like to start discussing benefit package in our monthly newsletter.

      • Every other month we hold an All Staff Training. Our upcoming training is going to be on our benefit package. We will go over all of our benefits, discuss the ins and outs of each area, and give staff time to ask questions about the benefits. I also send out a daily email with three bullet points with information that all staff need to know. Every other week I include information about specific details of our benefits.

    • What is one thing you can do in the long term to improve your benefits package?

      • I am currently looking at how to improve our 401K plan. Meeting with our plan administrator on Monday. Hope to increase River Valley match to 3% instead of 2%.

    • We actually brought this question to our Personnel Committee (composed of board and staff members). During our conversation, they felt like we should use the money that would be used to pay for a new benefit to increase wages. The majority of our staff are in a place that they want more money each month.

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