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    • So I asked this during the webinar but it was a little too late in time to get a response. Is there a preferred social media platform for reaching out to older clinicians? I would have thought it would be LinkedIn, but what I find is that the hits I do get from them come from a younger group (aged 30-40).

      • Theodis, I do not have a lot of experience recruiting clinicians. However, I feel seasoned and experienced clinicians are passive job seekers. They will be attracted to job openings by word of mouth or through their own professional group.

    • Theodis –

      LinkedIn is a great place to start. Be sure to have your current provider share the post on their LinkedIn profile as they know more providers than probably anyone else in the organization. Also, word of mouth is a powerful way to recruit too. If you don’t already, you may want to consider a bonus for those internal professionals that refer someone to organization. You may also want to look for groups on FB that you can post opportunities in.

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