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    • While you’re working through the assignment, take a moment to answer the following: Think of at least one situation – current or past – where flexing your communication style to meet an employee’s preferred style would improve the outcome. Then use the Communication Styles Handout posted on the Assignment Discussion tab to figure out what the employee’s preferred style is, and the best way to approach them. Detail how you would flex your style to meet the other person’s needs. Include how this would improve the situation.

      • IMPORTANT: When sharing situations, ensure that you do not include confidential information regarding the employee involved. Feel free to post more than one situation! The more you practice now, the easier it will be when you jump in and start flexing your communication with your team!

    • The handout sheet was very helpful. We did an exercise as a leadership group using StrengthFinder and that was helpful as well to see where everyone falls and how and when to tap into their strengths for building committees, etc. For this assignment, yes, I’m been in many situations where I have flexed by style to meet another person’s style. I fall between direct & spirited so I tend to jump and try to move things along. I have a co-worker that is very methodical and needs time to process things so I try to be thoughtful to let her speak at her pace and not jump in. It can be challenging at times when your style is different but being mindful of the other person does result in better outcomes & communication for all.

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