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    • This week, please take some time to let us know your thoughts on the following: It can definitely be challenging to find time to put new skills, ideas, and strategies into place. That said, strengthening employee engagement is key to the success of your department! What are you doing (or can you start doing) to take even a small step forward to implement something that you’ve learned?

    • 1). Allowing times in meetings for Employee discussion and input so that the meeting isn’t just me talking but employee input. Also allow time at the end for question and answer sessions
      2). Keeping employees informed about what is going on in the company and how they have contributed to that. Value that contribution
      3). Ask for suggestions about how to make the process better , and evaluate how any suggested changes will impact the way employees do their job including how the change will strengthen the process or weaken the process
      4). Allow time for employee training that is beneficial to improving the job experience.

    • I have started reviewing the goals that we developed each time that I round with my direct reports. We discuss their progress – celebrate progress and brainstorm ways to remove or breakthrough barriers. I have found this helpful in keeping the goals in our minds and evaluating where we need to make changes.

    • We recently rolled out all new job descriptions to all employees . They have been streamlined with new evaluations to match their actual job duties, a new excellence pledge as well as leader rounding to all of our supervisors to do with their staff. The employees loved that they will now have the ability to have one one one with their supervisors and have more feedback. My team and i created an employee engagement survey to get additional feedback from the staff and hope to be able to let them know the results at our all staff in June.

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