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    • Hey everyone! What means of communication have you found to best tell your health center’s story? I look forward to hearing all of your answers!

    • Recently my health care center did an 8 minute video to celebrate their 30th year anniversary. It followed the story of one patient; however, throughout the 8 minutes there are pictures and sound bites of all that we offer. Essentially, telling our story.

      Another means of communication is doing community events. In these events there is an expert from our clinic (MD, Nutritionist, CEO) speaking at a community lunch to discuss services and their expertise.

    • We have a really good orientation. We set up a luncheon with the new hires and the top managers and supervisors (CEO, COO, CFO, etc…) before they are released to their supervisors. The CEO tells the story of who we are and why we are here. This allows the employee to see the “top dogs” as people and learn from them the mission in their words, not just mine :)

    • We are working on improving the new hire orientation, but it is really a work in progress. I really appreciate hearing what others are doing.

    • Thanks so much to all of you for sharing! I look forward to continuing the conversation this afternoon.

    • We are making a positive impact to create consistent structures in our recruitment and retention process. This R&R learning collaborative is very beneficial in our approach to “create clear story about your organization for staff, patients, partners, etc.,” and lots more to learn going forward.

      Most recently, we have launched our new website which showcases our integrated healthcare module. In addition, all new hires/locums experience a “day zero” on-boarding experience where we mail out an innovative viewfinder (yes old school toy) with our mission and values and services one week prior to commencement of employment. In a separate mailing, each new hire/locum receives a personalized card signed by the CEO with a $100 visa gift card “to help stem the tide during their time of transition, or just use it to treat self to something special to celebrate their new chapter”.

      We are just getting started … when they arrive to start employment the next week they know who and what we are as a mission-based FQHC.
      From day one there is no 90-day probation period as we expect essential behavioral competencies of accountability, customer focus, teamwork, ethical, respect, communication and cultural sensitivity. Our new expanded orientation & on-boarding experience during the first week of employment combines Human Resources & various program presentations which goes beyond forms and mandatory training.

      In improving our consistent structure process to align with mission and values, on-boarding involves a brief overview presentation from various internal departments, understanding community social determinant healthcare, integrated healthcare, bias and strength-finder assessments, empathy discussion, EPIC 101 back to basics, external luncheon with administration, and finishes the week with an interactive presentation by CEO with “our story”. Week 2 employee is released to assigned department with a structured “soft ramp-up” for manager/department on-boarding through the first 100 days. It’s a work in progress and open to suggestions.

      Next steps is to move towards a continuous performance process, professional development/LMS opportunities, retention, and focus on the employee experience to promote access to quality integrated health services.

      • Kerri-Lee,
        Thank you for sharing about the wonderful things you are doing at your health center! I love the viewfinder and gift cards for new hires…really sets the tone for caring for staff from (before) day one.

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