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    • Michael presented on the journey to anti-racism at your organization. Your homework is to listen to or read this 6-minute interview with Ibram X Kendi:

      Reflect on these questions, then respond in the discussion board below as much as you’re willing.
      *What’s the difference between not racist and antiracist?
      *Kendi argues that “racist” is a descriptive term, not a pejorative. Is that consistent with how you felt previously?
      *Kendi says a policy is racist if it has an unequal effect on marginalized races. What policies in your own organization may have an unequal effect on
      people of color (either staff or clients)?

      Bonus/Optional: watch this longer talk with Kendi and Jemele Hill:

    • Hi, everyone. Who’s excited to talk about racism some more tomorrow? :) I look forward to reading here or hearing tomorrow what you thought about that interview with Ibram X Kendi.

    • What’s the difference between not racist and antiracist?
      1. Prior to the segment, I did not know there was a difference between being not racist and antiracist. However, after the training, I understand the distinct difference and value the “action” of actively countering racism.
      2. In reviewing company policies, I do not see where there is an adverse impact. However, it is imperative to review the policies regularly to ensure continued fairness.

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