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    • Hi, Everyone!

      Thanks so much for attending today’s session on Cultural Humility and Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards!

      This week’s discussion questions are:

      1) What are your existing/ideas for Policies & Procedures to implement the Cultural Humility framework in your organization?

      2) Explore the National CLAS Standards and choose 1 of 3 themes. Describe in detail your existing strategies/ideas for implementation.

      To view the Cultural Humility framework and National CLAS Standards, download the slide deck in the “Resources” section of Week 3.

      Looking forward to reading your responses, and engaging with you!

      All the best,

      • 1. Policies including Employee Expectations, EEOC, Recruiting, Benefits, Language Services, and Medical Access.
        2. CLAS – Workforce and Language Services. Attracting, recruiting, training, mentoring, and rewarding a diverse workforce to provide culturally-aware healthcare services to the communities we serve. We also provide bilingual staff and access to language services for our patients.

    • Currently, we have no existing policies to implement cultural humility. We are aware that policies and procedures are needed in order for our organization to thrive and to increase access to our patients. We conducted assessments with our leadership staff to establish a baseline of where we are, what issues or personal biases are surfacing, how we view our patients, how our patients and employees view us.

      Now we are in the phase of developing leadership through training and various exercises to help them become more aware and to initiate ways that will help our employees and patients see the value of diversity.

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