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    • Our SIM Survey on burnout is very helpful.

    • Please see the attached file for more information on this SIM Survey.

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    • We reviewed our time to fill data. The data wasn’t a surprise because it’s one of the few data points that we’ve been tracking consistently. Some observations we made are that our TTF for family medicine physicians has steadily been increasing over the last few years. We also see sporadic longer than average TTF numbers for clinics in more some locations. Out time to fill data for dentists has been consistent however we are currently experiencing a challenge in one of our more remote locations.

      We also discussed our turnover data. This is another data point that we’ve monitored regularly. Overall our turnover rate has long done signficantly over the last five years. We’ve made significant improvements in our EMR system and implemented a structured onboarding process for our new hires.

      Our benefit cost was recently communicated to all employees via a total rewards statement that was sent to each employee’s home. No word yet on how that’s impacted folks. Personally, I enjoyed seeing how much the companies invests in my benefits.

      • Graciela, thank you for sharing how you utilize the TTF data. It enlightens us on how we can use the information.

    • We have a Benefits Statement that shows the benefits in terms of cost that each employee is entitled to. It assists employees to get a better sense of the total compensation they are getting. We are looking into regular reporting on recruiting related data such as turnover, tenure and time to fill. Before we get to that, we realize we need to rethink how we track data in order to get to the reporting that we are looking for.

    • We discovered that the data is scattered throughout our system and still requires some manual labor to pull data from different reports for our turnover rates. We did develop an EXCEL spreadsheet to use until such time as we can create a SMARTLIST that will gather the information we need into one report. We’ve decided to measure tenure and time to fill also.

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