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    • Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc. is a Community Health Center committed to enhancing the quality of life for the people on the Eastern Shore. We seek to serve the needs of our rural community by providing accessible, comprehensive and affordable medical, dental and health services in a caring, professional and safe environment.
      1. Customer Service Goal: This goal as it pertains to telephone triage, member will respond to triage telephone encounters on the same day and in less than 2 hours for urgent TEs. >95% response time under 2 hours as commendable
      2. Finance Goal: decrease cost per visit as of May 31 2018 by 10%
      100% compliance in assigning indigent labs to indigent accounts
      a) <10% error rate- commendable
      b) 11-15% error rate- expected
      c) 16-20% error rate- approaching
      d) >21% error rate- unacceptable
      3. Clinical safety: Member will identify 3-5 Near Misses within their CHC over the evaluation year, complete the near miss form and identify a way to improve a process per near miss.

      Near Miss (close call) definition:
      A near miss, “close call”, is an unplanned event that has the potential to cause, but does not actually result in human injury, environmental or equipment damage, or an interruption to normal operation. OSHA defines a near miss as an incident in which no property was damaged and no personal injury was sustained, but where, given a slight shift in time or position, damage or injury easily could have occurred. Near misses also may be referred to as close call.

    • Our Company Mission – To be a team of caring professionals providing health care and supportive services for people in Central Iowa to improve their quality of life.
      Our Vision for the Future – To be recognized as the premier community health center in the Midwest. We are a team of professionals respected for providing exceptional care across the lifespan to a diverse population.
      * Specific to Billing: Our vision is to continue to build our presence as a recognized billing and coding depratnent that is superior in clean-claim filing and accounts receivable management, accomplished through our dedication to establish best practices resluting in timely and optimal reimbursement.
      Goal -1, Improve the review and approval of claims to decrease initial claim submission rejects to no more than 25 claims weekly, down from the current average of 50.
      Subset of Goal-1, A) Educate/review billing tabs (software functions) and approval process per carrier, B) Educate/review software reject process/reject reasons for problem solving.
      Goal -2, Decrease denial rate of partially paid claims from baseline of 15% to 5% over the next fiscal year.
      Subset of Goal-2, A) Reduce eligibility issues, B) Reduce Timely Filing Issues, C) Timely follow up on denied claims

    • Mission: We are a team of caring professionals providing health care and supportive services for people in Central Iowa to improve their quality of life.
      General Goal: Improve handling of incoming phone calls to our clinic.
      SMART Goals: By December 31, 2019, 75% of incoming phone calls will either be responded to immediately (currently 42%) or a return call will be made within 2 hours (currently 10%) resolving the reason for the call .

      General Goal: Improve outcomes for diabetic patients
      SMART Goal: By September 1, 2019 PHC Ames will develop a CenteringDiabetes program aimed at our diabetic patients with A1C greater than 9.0. .

    • Our Mission is a community sponsored outpatient facility providing primary medical care, preventative medical care, and patient education. Incoprorated as a non-profit membership organization, CRHS seeks to improve the health services and health education available to the people of Scott County and neighboring communities.
      General Goal; Improve the patient flow process for both the patient and the provider
      Subset : Educate all staff on the process from beginning of patient calling for appt , to coming into the facility to processing through the facility

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