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    • Good afternoon once again! Apologies for the technical issues today. Here is your homework this week – to complete the Financial Assessment Tool for both physicians and non-physicians at your organization. Please ensure that you enable content once it is downloaded to complete the form.

    • Good morning! I wanted to include the link to the coffee talk recording about the Financial Assessment Tool. This short 5-minute video does a great job of showing you how it works. We hope by using the tool will allow your organizations to have a clearer picture of what turnover is costing your organization as well as allow you to make more informed recruitment and retention decisions in the future. Let us know if you have any questions at all about using the tool.

    • We are a growing clinic without a recruitment budget, so everything is done by ingenuity. I am 100% staffed with three MDs starting in June. turnover has been 2.8% for the last six months. We do not use locum tenens as our providers do not have full panels; so when one is out the others can cover.

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