Hello! My name is Melinda Maynard-Thompson and I am the Director of Human Resources for Logan Mingo Area Mental Health, Inc. We were designated as an FQHC Look-Alike in Feb. 2020 and are the only dually designated FQHC-LAL and Comprehensive Behavioral Health Clinic in West Virginia. We have served rural southwestern WV for the past 50 years as a community mental health center. With our recent FQHC-LAL designation, we are now able to offer primary care, dentistry, women’s health and many other services to our communities, increasing access to healthcare for our region. We currently have five locations, including a crisis stabilization unit, 28-day residential substance use treatment facility, ID/D Waiver program, two clinic sites and an administrative site.
Our biggest strength is our ability to now offer our patients more services and access to care. We offer transportation services and that has been invaluable to the patients we serve in the rugged terrain of the Appalachians. Our biggest weakness at this time is the challenge we face with recruitment and retention. We are looking forward to the boot camp in hopes we can learn more ways to overcome these issues.

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