Good morning all,

I thought I would share my responses to Session #3 homework assignment:

What is the one thing you will accomplish this month?
Open Enrollment

Why do you want to accomplish this goal (be specific)?
It is annual requirement to ensure that staff have been provided an opportunity to enroll, terminate, or change any of their benefits

What are three action steps needed to accomplish your goal?
1. Send out renewal worksheets and premium memos to staff, including a deadline
2. Follow up with staff 5 days before deadline, if staff has not returned signed memo to see is they have any questions and to remind them of the deadline
3. Submit applications for new enrollments. Input/update premiums deductions in payroll system

What will you do daily to accomplish your goals?
Daily is too frequently; I will monitor weekly.

How will you hold yourself accountable?
1. Weekly monitoring
2. Create and manage a checklist of received/outstanding packets
3. Deadline provided to staff is a soft deadline, providing this “cushion” ensures that I will have a 100% of the memos/applications before the actual deadline

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