I recently completed hiring 6 clinical secretaries of varied backgrounds and age groups (2 per large center). They are spread out geographically across the organization and their first line supervisors had reported to me that standardizing their workflow considering their individual health centers was crucial. I had established an email contact list of the 6 clinical secretaries and scheduled a monthly face to face meeting which occurred this week. They all expressed appreciation to having them meet as a group (their supervisors were on video telecom to listen in) with the focus of engaging them to discuss workflow and any areas they found were challenging in their new roles. these folks have been a part of the organization for years and felt comfortable within their centers but the new role was different. They brought 3-4 items to the table and I re-assured them that immediate fixe3s may not happen here since much of what they do support others and we wanted to limit unintended consequences with any action items we would put in place. It was extremely productive and they felt “heard” and appreciated to be part of solutions by voicing recommendations. They also talked about the new technology and would appreciate focused training for them since they were traditionalists/baby boomers. we will continue to meet F2F at their request- one to get out of office, travel and meet with one another.

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