My interviews start out with a welcome, did you have any issues finding our location, the weather, etc. as a warm up and then I explain that I have some preformatted questions to start with and they will be able to ask any questions regarding the position when those have been completed. I explain that every interviewee is asked these questions, they can utilize scenarios from a past or present employer and they can ask for the questions to be repeated. I have learned to ask open ended questions so the interviewee can elaborate as much or as little as they would like and I can use additional prompts if they don’t seem to be “getting” the question.
1) Describe a typical day with a past or present employer and how you organized your day. How did you deal with distractions and changes in priorities? What were the outcomes?
2) What would you check first if you found a billing discrepancy? How would you go about resolving it?
3) Tell us about a time when you had a tight deadline for a project or task. How did you manager to complete in time and what was the outcome?
4) Tell us about a time when you have dealt with a difficult insurance representative. What was the outcome of the situation?
5) This position can be somewhat repetitive. What motivates you to do well and perform routine tasks?

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