Our Company Mission – To be a team of caring professionals providing health care and supportive services for people in Central Iowa to improve their quality of life.
Our Vision for the Future – To be recognized as the premier community health center in the Midwest. We are a team of professionals respected for providing exceptional care across the lifespan to a diverse population.
* Specific to Billing: Our vision is to continue to build our presence as a recognized billing and coding depratnent that is superior in clean-claim filing and accounts receivable management, accomplished through our dedication to establish best practices resluting in timely and optimal reimbursement.
Goal -1, Improve the review and approval of claims to decrease initial claim submission rejects to no more than 25 claims weekly, down from the current average of 50.
Subset of Goal-1, A) Educate/review billing tabs (software functions) and approval process per carrier, B) Educate/review software reject process/reject reasons for problem solving.
Goal -2, Decrease denial rate of partially paid claims from baseline of 15% to 5% over the next fiscal year.
Subset of Goal-2, A) Reduce eligibility issues, B) Reduce Timely Filing Issues, C) Timely follow up on denied claims

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