Chris– great ideas!! I think the examples you identified really help give you some data backup of the daily experience (although everyone’s in it, they often have their own opinion about how it feels). They also help you have clearer communication during the recruitment phase, and will hopefully help you think on more ways that you could balance the overall pace of the job with increased benefits of time or other things in non-tourist season. Since you already know that stress during a specific time is a big influencer, you might also think about testing out some strategies to help folks with burnout. These strategies could be about practice (e.g. scribes) or about the environment (e.g. creating a quiet, dim space where people can retreat for 5 minutes) or really anything else. It’s a great question to get staff feedback on, but just be careful about who/how you ask given that you won’t be able to do everything asked. You’re doing all the right things, keep at it!

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